Lunch Break in Philleigh

Village pubs are a dime a dozen here in Cornwall, but they’re not all made equal…

I’ve been driving around the country lanes of Cornwall for most of my life; they’re twisty, treacherous and not to be tackled whilst under the influence.

Back in 2003 I made the decision to quit my day job and try something new. For years I’d day dreamed about working for myself; about striking out alone, setting my own agenda and finishing when I darn well pleased. The problem I had was that I was unsure of what business I could set up and run by myself.

I’m a Cornish boy, born and bred, who’s spent the majority of his life working and living in the same village. Like many lads from the local area I’d fallen in love with farming at a young age. I always knew that I belonged on a tractor, so I was more than a little bit shocked to find out that, roughly 15 years in, I was horribly, horribly bored.

The life of a farmer, as idyllic as it might sound, is not hugely varied. Depending on the crop that you are growing there are a variety of jobs that you’ll be doing throughout the year which are fine enough, but carry on for more than a few years and the monotony soon sets in. Now, I’m not going to say that all farming jobs are like this, but that was certainly what my experience was like.

Don’t get me wrong, it still took me 10 years to get bored (and then another 5 years to actually do something about it), in the mean time I was able to invest in my passion for pubs. My weekends would be spent gallivanting around the countryside looking for the perfect boozer, although it wasn’t until I started my oven cleaning business that I was able to fit my hobby around my work life.

The Roseland Inn in Philleigh holds a special place in my heart as it was here that I stopped on my first day as an oven cleaner. My first call out as a travelling oven cleaner had taken me to Trewithian. I’d bought my van, had my training and loaded up with all the gear that I needed to get the job done, all I needed to do now was get on with the job!

After spending 4 hours taking apart a filthy oven and giving it a good going over, I was happy to have completed my first job and eager to quench my thirst. I spent my first self-made pounds in The Roseland Inn, so I tend to return there every few years to soak up the nostalgia and the excellent ale.

Set on the edge of the Roseland Peninsula, pubs don’t get much more scenic than this one and the views are backed by well poured beers and a great menu. Because I’m a soppy traditionalist I tend to order the same thing every time. I start with Scallops which come served with creamed Cauliflower and Chorizo, then I fill up on the excellent Dark and Stormy Pork Belly all washed down with a lovely pint of Tribute.

Now that’s something I know that I’ll never get bored with.